Electronic Cleaning

Electronics After a Loss

Electronics After a Loss

What To Do After a Loss?

Do NOT turn electronics back on! There could be hidden damage inside that could lead to permanent, irreversible damage. Unplug your electronics and wait for Synergy Response professionals.

You may think that if your electronics appear unscathed by the fire, they are safe to use. However, even if the external surfaces look untouched airborne contaminants might still be inside your equipment. Smoke and ash easily move through your home or business during a fire, and as they settle in the nooks and crannies, they bring the potential for substantial harm.

Cooling fans and the presence of electromagnetic fields also greatly increase the amount of internal contamination. These factors may cause overheating and premature component failure, especially for delicate electronics such as computers, communications equipment, monitors, and other essential business gear.

The objective of Synergy Response’s electronic component cleaning is to preserve the equipment’s original performance characteristics.

Synergy Response’s top of the line equipment, use of deionized water combined with specialized detergents, and precise technicians makes cleaning and restoring electronics revolutionary.

Even heavily contaminated electronics can be successfully restored to “pre-loss” or like-new condition thanks to this advanced technology.

Our expert cleaning technicians understand all aspects of the cleaning service and utilize proper procedure and safety precautions to not only clean your electronics, but protect them too.

How Does the Process Work?

Let us take the worry out of cleaning after a loss.

Step 1: Identify Items That Can Be Restored!

Our trained professionals will identify items that can be restored and which items are unsalvageable. We also work with insurance companies to provide replacement estimate reports.

Step 2: Carefully Pack and Move Items To Our Cleaning Facility!

Our experts will take your contents to our local and clean room facility where trained professionals will begin the cleaning process. Each item is removed from our careful packing, cleaned, dried, and then prepared to be returned to you!

If your items are ready before your home is, we can store them at our local warehouse until your restoration project is complete

Step 3: Restore and Clean Electronic!

Our experts restore your electronic possessions to pre-loss condition with ease!

Fireline™ new Ionizer Collection presents a modern-day approach to electronic restoration. The innovative breakthrough design is unique.

Here are some of the applications Synergy Response’s technicians utilize to restore your electronic equipment:

  1. Photo Documentation
  2. Wipe Samples and Testing
  3. Offsite Wet & Dry Wash
  4. Offsite Chamber Dry
  5. Antibacterial Sterilization
  6. Chemical Treatment
  7. Hydroxyl Odor Elimination
  8. Precision Hand Detailing
  9. OEM Recalibration

What Can We Clean?

  1. DVD Players
  2. Laptops
  3. Tablets
  4. Televisions
  5. Smart Washer/Dryers
  6. Computers
  7. Exercise Equipment
  8. Cell Phones
  9. Monitors
  10. And more!